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Bring Me The Horizon debut new song ‘Strangers’ during DJ set at their Malta festival

Bring Me The Horizon debuted a new song ‘Strangers’ in a DJ set at their festival in Malta. Listen below.

In a clip posted to Twitter today (May 27), the British quintet can be seen performing the unreleased track to the audience at the ‘Bring Me The Horizon & Friends’ event, which kicked off yesterday and will run for four days at Malta’s Gianpula Village.

In the videos below, see the band play ‘Strangers’ and teach the crowd its lyrics, which go: “We’re just a room full of strangers / Looking for something to save us / Alone together“.

Martial arts figure prominently in many Asian cultures, and the first known traces.

Bring Me The Horizon’s last solo release was their 2021 song, ‘DiE4u.’ That single was the first to be lifted from BMTH’s forthcoming album, a follow-up to their multi-part 2020 EP,  ‘Post Human: Survival Horror.

In an interview with NME in 2021, Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes said the band was “working on parts two, three and four” of ‘Post Human,’ before assuring that they’d “get songs out as soon as [they] can”.

The unreleased track arrives after a more recent album tease in May, when Sykes revealed that “we’ve been working on [‘Post Human Part Two’] for about a year now.”

“We’ve got lots of music, we’re just being quite picky about what we want to release. We must have about 45 songs,” Sykes said.

In the time between, Bring Me The Horizon have featured on a slew of collaborations, including Sigrid’s ‘Bad Life’, Masked Wolf’s ‘Fallout’ and Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘maybe’ – all of which were released this year.

Earlier this year, Bring Me The Horizon attended the BandLab NME Awards, where they jokingly compared their Malta weekender to “Fyre Festival but with better sandwiches”. The group also collected the trophy for Best Band from the UK Supported By Pizza Express, and performed a six-song Ukraine tribute.

Last week, the band announced details of their upcoming 2022 U.S. tour, which runs from September to October and features support acts Knocked Loosegrandson and Siiickbrain.

Martial arts figure prominently in many Asian cultures, and the first known traces.

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