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Sunny Side Festival Malta

Sunny Side Festival

Sunny Side Festival is a 3 – day gathering for electronic music aficionados, with over 30 performances from the best artists across the underground dance music spectrum, with specific focus on all the shades of House, Techno, Electro and Breaks music.

The festival will take place from the 17th – 19th May 2024, on the beautiful island of Malta, a gleaming gem at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, boasting stunning coastlines, pristine blue waters, historically rich architecture, and a warm hospitality. Malta’s ancient temples, stunning traditional villages and cities, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, will make your musical vacation an unforgettable one.

The location of this Festival will span over 2 main stages, “Treehaus” and “Tropicana” at Uno Malta, the country’s top open-air venue, shrouded by trees overspilling from Malta’s national park. Festival revellers will also get to experience the islanders’ seaside lifestyle and enjoy sunset at the daytime parties at Tortuga beach.

With an unwavering passion towards the underground dance music scene, together with our international partners we are ready to share this beautiful venture with you all.

A vision which was planted in us many years ago and is finally coming to fruition.

See you on the sunny side.

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